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Oft called perpetually inquisitive; I’m a B.A. student who studies religion, ecofeminism, and philosophy with hopes to use it for social justice activism!

A little about me, my worldview and vision

Hi there, my name is Kemp. Welcome to my Medium page — a place where you find a lot about me, hopefully.

Upon reflecting on my previous “Welcome” page, I realized that an introduction was lacking. Even though I struggle to conjure up a digital identity — one where you may catch a glimpse at who I am as a person — I must brave the task and show you, my readers, who I am. So, here we go!

Although my life started in 1997, the “scales” did not fall from my eyes until I entered university—I spent eight-teen years…


Marriage can be one of the most contemporary sought rights for same-sex couples, and news continues to swarm over this topic. Often, the editorialist’s presentation of the verdict-usually negative depending on the organisation-is frequently guided by religious underpinnings. In the Christian religion, there has recently been a division between attitudes of acceptance or rejection of the LGBTQ+ community; these attitudes might fall on a spectrum based on their interpretation of scripture and personal theology (conservative or progressive).¹ To further influence their attitudes, a Christian’s denominational teachings help guide their judgments.² For example, many Episcopal, Lutheran, and Presbyterian churches affirm lesbian…

Is My Dream To Be Self-Employed Attainable?

I want to be self-employed. I could end right there because I do not feel like there is more that I would need to say to validate why I desire self-employment. However, in our society that focuses so much on exploitative labour, I have no choice but to argue my case.

Self-employment is ordinarily reserved for musicians, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and other professions. Even writing these various occupations, I cannot convince myself that I can be self-employed, too. It seems like the individuals — those who are okay with an unstable income, dry periods, and the like — are brave…

Kemp MacKay

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